Ok, I realize that I should just be incredulous that a 7 year old piece of hardware actually still works, but it actually does. Actually every device with a HDD has now failed. It is the worst part of computers and Apple buries them inside the Mac Mini and iMacs, so almost impossible to fix. I sure hope the SSDs hold up better over the years, but it does seem like these drives are one thing that should not be buried.
So here is the body count:

  • Three MacBook 2008s. These are all running because they have new batteries and SSDs. It is incredible how these little things keep on ticking
  • MacBook Pro 2010. This is also running fine now that it has an SSD in it
  • Mac Mini 2010 and 2012. Both are down with dead hard drives. I took one apart and I’m so sad that the HDD is at the bottom. I don’t think I’ll ever get it back together.
  • iMac 2009. Amazingly the 1TB hard drive is not yet dead. But it has a terrible graphics driver freeze problem.

It could be the drivers, but a over heated graphics card makes more sense. The solution is SMC Fan Control to turn the fans on earlier. Or you can try a five year old graphics driver if you like 😉 but I’m going to try SMC Fan Control first. When I started it, the temperature was 45C but I just turned up the CPU fan to 2200 and it got down to 40C, so let’s see how it goes.

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