As Duncan says, I don’t get out much 🙂 so here is another post in that series. In this case getting Docker to run on Raspberry Pis with the latest Hypriot releases. The guys over there are doing amazing work getting this to work and are right now on their 0.5 release. There isn’t any updated documentation yet, but here are the tips, tricks and traps:

  1. Pull the build from their image-builder release. The current version 0.5.14 works with generic docker-machine, Raspberry Pi 1 or 3, uses the onboard wifi. Pretty cool stuff. But it is not obvious where to find it.
  2. Use their flash utility to blow this onto an SD card. You can actually always manually download and flash your self, but it is convenient to utter `flash –hostname _your-new-pi_ –ssid _your wifi network_ –password  _your-secret-password_`
  3. Ok there is a post installation set of things that you need to do. First if you ever booted up on the ethernet port first rather than wifi, then the ip route is wrong and it will always go to eth0 for everything, so you need to ip route replace default via dev wlan0 so that it can find the internet. Also your local network address will also default to going to eth0, so you need to ip route delete _your_local_network_ dev eth0 so that it routes via the wlan0
  4. When you can add this to the swarm then with a generic docker-machine create -d generic --generic-ip-address=_the ip address_ --generic-ssh-user=pirate Note they do not use pi as their standard, but pirate with default password hypriot. So you need to ssh-copy-id your keys there first.

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