Well it sure does look like someone is doing Christmas shopping now and taking notes. Here are some great ones for geeks with a hat tip to 9to5toys.com and to wirecutter.com for the USB-C things as well as Nathan at Google’s recommendations

  • Aukey Dual Port 2.4A Car charger. These are $12 with a coupon. They are flush with the 12V port so they actually look nice.
  • Sugru moldable glue. This let’s you make hooks or anything else and then it hardens for $15.
  • Aukey USB-C to USB/A USB 3.0 adapters. These are little numbies that fit perfectly in a MacBook Pro case. They are 2 for $5.
  • Cablematters USB-C to DisplayPort 4K 60 Hertz adapter. This is the only one which supports full 60 Hertz and is locking. It’s available December 14th, so close if you are interested in getting it for christmas
  • JScreate USB-C to USB-C JUX-01. (B&H) Note you want the JUX01 not the JUX03 which is *not* compatible
  • iFixit Toolkit. Really the best set of screwdrivers for taking apart anything electronic cost $48 but worth every penny
  • LED bias lighting. These are small lights you connect to your USB outlets of your flat panel. Makes blacks look deeper
  • USB DAC. As a true geek you want to use your own digital to analog converter. The best ones cost just $99. For instance The Master Switch recommends the $350 Ressonance Hybrid, but everyone including What’s Fi seems to like the Audioquest Red plus Lightning to USB 3 interface for $230 at Amazon. Or for the audiophile you really love the Chord Mojo at $600

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