With phones dropping the 3.5mm jack its time once again to look at wireless headphones. 
One sad thing is the Amazon reviews are pretty worthless. They are filled with fake reviews (I sure hope someone over there is working on this problem). 
The review sites are equally useless. Even wirecutter doesn’t do such a great job. Their favorite jaybirds seem unreliable. 
I’ve found the best sites are the user forums like head-fi.org. There is always someone who really cares.
IMore iBfree. For just $59 you almost have to give it a try. Wirecutter likes the x2 but amazon users find it unreliable. These are in the ear so of course fit is the issue. 
Pendulumic Stance S1+. I just love these small manufacturers. At $199 this is a relative audiophile bargain. These are around the ear so bulkier but easier fitting. 
V-Moda Crossfades wireless. These are relatively cheap at $270 but have great sound quality. As an aside the wired M-100 at $184 is dearly loved by audiophiles and Amazon reviewers alike for sound quality. 
Sony MDR-1000x. These are supposed to be even better than the Boss for noise cancellation. Expensive at $400 but now Amazon is offering 15% off with their store card through this December 10 so that’s quite a deal $340. 
Finally if there are headphone you love there are two high quality adapters that are Bluetooth on one side and a 3.5mm adapter on the other. I have a few of these $25 adapters but these are an audiophiles delight. They use Bluetooth with all the bells and whistles and then a very good dac and amplifier:
A&K XB10. Yes it’s $180 but super high quality.
Noble BTS. This is a tiny 10 gram thing that can fit in your pocket.  

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