OK, I admit it I mainly use Vi for editing mainly because it is just so fast to edit things from the keyboard. You don’t ever need to leave the keyboard when moving around. It is arcane and terrible yet, I actually got running (thanks syntactic) an coding environment that let’s you lint and then run through javascript and python code.
But there has to be something newer, I’ve tried sublime and I’ve tried slickedit, but I was looking for something more new age. What the heck, I saw Dean ask on Facebook and atom came up quite a lot, so now I’m trying to figure out how to use it. First some great things:

  1. Type atom foo.txt actually works from the command line. Seems like a small thing, but nice to CMD-W and then get back to the terminal window. Turns out that like Emacs and other modeless editors, Atom does have some big keys like CTRL-SHIFT-W to select a word, so eventually I’ll memorize those instead of yW 🙂
  2. There is a vim mode so I can still use my favorite keys, although you still can’t those fancy g/test/s//foo/g commands at least I haven’t found out how. I normally do this way more than graphical edits.
  3. They have a zillion packages and a nice apm modeled after npm to manage it.

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