Well now that we don’t have privacy, here’s a quick review of what to do to harden your Mac:

  1. Install 1Password using Dropbox because it’s a pain to remember all the passwords.
  2. Turn on System Preferences/Security & Privacy/FileVault. This encrypts your hard disk, so in evil hands, they at least need your password.
  3. Turn on System Preferences/Security & Privacy/Firewall. This keeps some of the bad things out
  4. Download and install Sophos for Home a free antivirus package
  5. Download and install Adguard to keep ads out. You can uninstall individual browser pieces, but if you do not want a system level thing, then use uBlock Origins.
  6. Download and install DNSCrypt to make your DNS queries private
  7. Download and install Private Internet Access
  8. Make Startpage your search engine on your browser to mask your queries

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