Well, for a variety of reasons, I’m using the Windows 10 and SurfaceBook with Performance Base (what a name?!). Anyway, here are the key learnings:

  1. The gooseneck thing is a little weird to use in actual practice. It doesn’t fold down flat and you want move the screen all the way back.
  2. I’m an idiot and finding the power button was really confusing. I kept pressing keys on the keyboard before finally realizing the power is a nearly invisible button at the top.
  3. The brightness is the same way, I’m sure there is a button for it, but it isn’t anything on the keyboard. I suspect it is those two buttons I never touch at the top of the screen.
  4. The power supply is a strange connector. Sigh, I’ve actually gotten used to USB C charging everything (how quickly things change and love the way my Nexus 5 and and MacBook Pro 2016 can share a charger).
  5. Extra chargers by the way are hard to figure out. But it looks like there are several 65 watt power supplies out there. Microsoft makes one for $99 but $30 for a clone sounds way better.
  6. The Pen I haven’t used yet, but there is no place to store it, It is nice it hooks to the tablet magnetically, but otherwise I’m not sure how to do it.
  7. Detaching the tablet isn’t obvious at all. There is a button as it turns out on the keyboard, but it is hard to figure out where it.
  8. The fit and finish…well, let’s say I’ve gotten use to the tight tolerances of MacBook Pros. The keyboard seems to rattle a bit.
  9. The coolest feature (for developers) is buried though, turn on the Developer Mode and then type in bash and you get a Ubuntu subsytem. You can apt-get to your hearts content. Wow, this is sort of like having a Unix development environment in Windows.
  10. The search thing actually is useful which is great because I remain really confused about where settings live.
  11. The Hello face recognition is cool, but does take setup.

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