OK more strange accessories:

  1. Be careful when you plug a modular connector into a power supply. There isn’t a standard. So if you lose the bag of connectors, don’t just find a random one. It is expensive to buy replacement cables ($50 for cables when the power supply is $120 feels like highway robbery), but there aren’t many choices. So if you have a Corsair, you need to get genuine Corsair replacements.
  2. And if you buy Yakima or Thule racks, it may seem silly, but spend the money on getting the same key cores. That way you don’t (like me!) have to have a zillion keys all the way around. They are about $12 per core. As an aside, if you forget what core you have, then one small comfort is that these are really nuisance deterrents, Yakima only has 25 or so different A-cores, so get 25x$4 worth of keys and you can open just about anything.

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