Well, I think that keeping a drone investment safe is pretty important, so for about 30% of the cost of a drone, here is what you can do:


  1. $99 DJI Refresh. This is like Applecare, you buy at the DJI Store and then within 48 hours of activation type in your drone serial number. You take a broken drone and return to them up to twice a year and get a new one for $79 and $129. Pretty good deal.
  2. Drone insurance. Allstate apparently will insure your drone for $60 a year.

Drone tracking

For $45, you can get RF-V16 which is a 2G drone tracker (which is getting discontinued around the US), you do need a sim for this. There are also 3D printed holders for it which Amazon has plenty of. Finally, the actually programming is a little complicated.
You can use Trackimo for $140 plus a plan after the first year. Then you need a Tile ($20) for when you get close for either of these.
Alternatively, you can buck up for the $220 Marco Polo. This doesn’t use cellular (so works when you are out of cellular for up to two miles plus it also acts like the Tile. It’s also $290 for two as you just need the ultra lightweight tracker.


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