A zillion years ago, the old Campy computer told you what gear you were in. How much work is it to get back to that.
Also Shimano is introducing synchronized shifting. That is, one shift and the bike computer decides when to move the front derailleur. Pretty handy. But getting it on an existing bike requite some potential hardware upgrades and firmware updates.
The confusing thing is that the electronics are actually in the battery unit, so you need to get so you can use the latest e-tube software:

  1. The newest battery unit.
  2. The newest junction box normally at the stem called the EW-90A, this thing has a port on the side of the BCR2 and three wires coming out, one to each shifter and then one to the battery. It also has a button at the bottom that is used to select the shift mode,
  3. The newest USB connection to your Windows machine called the Di2 BCR2 which connects into the junction box that is normally at the stem of your bike
  4. The newest wireless connection called D-fly named EW-WU101. This supports both Bluetooth and Ant output to compatible head units like the Garmin 820 (but not the 800) and the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt. The big advantage here is that you get a read out of what cog you are on and how much battery you have left. Also, it let’s you program the thing with the Shimano iOS and Android applications rather than just Windows. This box is not quite available but should be in June 2017.

This gives you two big features:

  1. Syncho-Shift. This is the smart shifting mode, you change it by pushing on the button underneath your junction box twice. This takes you through manual mode where the red and light are solid, the semi-automatic which is two blinks and full automatic which is three blinks. If you have a compatible head unit, you can program it from there or from the e-tube application on your phone.

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