Well, training by heart rate has been something that has been around for decades now, but whats the magic maximum heart rate. Turns out the traditional formula 210 - Your Age is at best an approximation. So here’s what Lifehacker says:

  • In your twenties, 210-Age works and this is how the formula was first fit
  • If you are under twenty or over 30, then try 207-(70% * age)
  • If you are female and over 35, then a better fit is 206-(88% * age)
  • If you older and healthy or a woman, then 211- (64% * age)

Are you confused yet? And most of these are really +/-5 to 10 ppm based on individuals. To really try it, you should do a stress test, just be careful and have a doctor.
As for me, I admit that I tried all these formulas and then you should see what your real life maximum is. Which sounds a lot like seeing where you are going to have a heart attack 🙂

Heart Rate Zones

Well what’s the point. Let’s say for simplicity that your MHR is 175, then what do you do with it. So there are many theories here, but from Australia, here’s a nice way to look at it is to get training, you need to be above some rate:

  • VO2Max Boosting. 92% of MHR. 161
  • Anaerobic Threshold. 85%. 149
  • Aerobic Endurance. 75%. 131
  • Base Endurance. 65%. 114
  • Recovery. 50%. 88

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