Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl 290 grams on Canon Pro9000 printer


It’s been so long since I’ve printed (in facts, four years since that’s the last time I posted how to do this!). But here’s a reminder of how to do it:

  1. Go to the Ilford site and download the ICC profile that matches your paper to your printer. Look at the paper and find the various names and hope that they profiled your printer now download the ICC profile specifically the Galerie Smooth Pearl 290 grams.
  2. Looking at the README, you unzip the ICC profile and stick it in a magic directory. For macOS Sierra, this is /Library/Colorsync/Profiles. ColorSync is the tool that does color management on the Mac.
  3. Now you get to decode the very terse name such as GPSPP11_CANpro9000_PPPSn.icc which in this case is the type of paper the Gallerie Professional Smooth Pearl model 11 (which means 290 gsm) and then the next set identifies that Canon paper that it best maps too. In this case looking at the Photoshop dialog, it must be Canon Photo Paper Plus Semiglossy, you can only tell this by going through all the possible papers in the Photoshop CS/Print/Print Settings/Quality and Media/Media Type pull down. Is that complicated or what?! The final n means no color correction.
  4. Now you go through the Photoshop CC dialog in File/Print and make sure to select in Color Handling, Photoshop Manages Color.And then choose the Printer Profile that is the long string above.
  5. Now choose the Rendering Intent. For small printouts, pick Relative Colormetric but if the print is highly saturated or a very large, then pick Perceptual and always select Black Point Compensation
  6. Now go the Print Setting sub dialog and make sure that Color  Matching is set to ColorSync and off you go.
  7. Now to get the correct printout, you also want the image to take the full paper size. The best way to do this is to make sure to select the correct paper size in File/Print/Print Settings/Paper Size and hit save. Now scroll down through the dialog box (I know, a scrolling dialog box is pretty strange, but that’s how it works) until you get to Position and Size/Scaled Print Size, now pick the shorter dimension, in 5.7 for instance, that is the height of 5 and type that into the Height dialog box entry and it will scale with some cropping.


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