Being a weight weenie again comparing 2016 to 2001

Well, I spent years a long time ago on Weight Weenies figuring out how to lighten a bike. I remember sitting in meetings calculating the cost per gram for lower

The cycling workflow

Of course a dedicated bike computer has a longer battery life than an iPhone particularly for long rides, but if you are just going out, it is possible to use

Building a Machine Learning machine

Well, if this summer you need some heavy iron to train models, here are some tips. The main issue is that both AMD and Intel are in a transition, so

Quick Slideshow for Noobs

If you have a bunch of photos and just want a random slide show to appear on a TV, what’s the easiest path? If you are lucky your TV has

Optimizing Synology disk storage with 8TB drives

Synology has really made it easy to get yourself into trouble. We have a 12 drive Synology at home and a 8 bay plus older Drobo 8 bay and a

How to get a 15% discount on Netflix via iTunes or get 5x via Chase Ink

There are two ways to make this happen: Sign up for Netflix with Chase Ink, this will give you the equivalent of 11% off if you have a Chase Sapphire

Hex release skewer on a Disc brake bike

One thing that has been bothering me is that two of my bikes have quick release skewers and disc brakes. Although unlikely, it is possible that the QR can come

Getting D-fly wireless to work

Well this had lots of parts but is pretty cool. Basically with the older Ultegra Di2 system, you need to add a wireless transmitter to update it and for it

Getting ready for hiking with tents and trekking poles

Seems like we are always needing more of these, so once again, let’s take a look at ultralight gear for tents, trekking poles and water purifiers, so the ultralight list

Printing photos the details

OK I’ve never quite figured out the many settings that Adobe Photoshop has for printing as I barely ever do it. First a few notes: If you want to print