Hex release skewer on a Disc brake bike

Hex release skewer on a Disc brake bike

One thing that has been bothering me is that two of my bikes have quick release skewers and disc brakes. Although unlikely, it is possible that the QR can come loose. Most folks are shifting to through axle which is more reliable.
However, it turns out that you can convert from QR to thru axle by going to the maker of your hub and getting a different kit, then you get a vise and knock out the center piece (or ask a bike shop to do it and voila, you have converted). Of course, this doesn't help if you bike has QR style frame (that is it is open at the bottom where it goes.
With DT Swiss, they have a nice chart that shows you the kit you need, so there is another long term project.
As an aside, here are the standard axle radius and lengths:

Another alternative is to replace your QR skewers with a rear wheel skewer.

  • 5mm hex release skewer so in effect you lose the quick release but it is really in there to make sure you have tightened down hard. In terms of lengths, the typically standard for road bikes have been 100mm front and 130 mm rear, but with disc brakes they are have typically 135mm in the rear (the front is the same). You can get these from. The steel ones are pretty cheap and are mainly sold for theft prevention. Really cheap at $13 for a set
  • Control Tech Ti Race Light Tech ($64 for a pair at Jensen USA) these are just 26 grams in titanium and don't have quick release or they are 47 grams in steel.
  • DT Swiss RWS E-Thru Road, this is kind of the best of both worlds, you get a thru axle that you tighten down. Comes in 100mm for the front and 142mm for the rear. This weighs 58 grams, but is compatible with quick release frames. They are heavier but easier to position and more expensive at $43 per axle.

Also remember that disc brakes are about one pound heavier as well, so if you've got disc and paid the penalty might as well be safe

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