OK I’ve never quite figured out the many settings that Adobe Photoshop has for printing as I barely ever do it. First a few notes:

  1. If you want to print some favorites out of an Apple shared album, this is actually pretty hard. There is a like button for instance, but in Mac Photos there is no way to sort by Likes or even to see what people have liked, so if you. have a 500 photo album, it’s pretty useless as a feature. Instead, if you want others to pick photos for you, you need to basically have them create a new album or iMessage you the photos. There is a favorites button but it doesn’t work for shared albums, so yuck Apple!
  2. When you print with a fancy printer, you want to use the RAW data and not the Jpegs this is because Jpegs are 8 bit color and the RAWs are typically 12-14 bit. Many of the fancy printers support greater than 8 bit printing, so load up the photos in a TIFF and then make sure to click Send 16 bit data
  3. Finally you need to understand what Black point compensation is, it’s pretty technical, but the TL;dr is that you should normally check it, it makes sure that at dark color levels, the dark colors don’t get clipped to pure black.
  4. Then there is the final parameter the mysterious color management, the TL;dr is that you normally leave it at Relative Colormetric but for some photos with lots of saturation where there are lots of out of gamut colors, you can try Perceptual

And of course make sure to let Photoshop manage the colors and pick the right color profile for your paper, use the ICC decoder ring to figure it out.

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