He’s a super smart guy in all things, but the bike advice is terrific, from Bsilverberg.com, he gives a couple of great tips:

  1. The Garmin 1030 is great for navigation. You download to it from Ride With GPS. Also get the XERT application so you can constantly see your FTP (functional threshold power) which tells you basically how strong you are.
  2. Garmin rear radar, this sounds a bit strange, but if ride a bunch on roads, it is very useful to know when a car is coming up behind you.
  3. Dura-Ace Di2 shifters have a control button at the top that let’s you page back and forth. I loved this feature on my old Campagnolo Record 10 and it’s dedicated Ergopower computer, too bad I got Ultragra shifters 🙁 A good (well not good, but rationalization) for an upgrade.

Finally not on his list, but on mine is a power meter, these things really do help. I have the PowerTap P1, but I don’t like the pedals (I still like Speedplay) and they are about a 150 gram penalty over the Speedplay X1 Titanium. The Stages LR is expensive, but they are built into Dura-Ace cranks and have a 30 gram penalty
In terms of where to buy then. Clever training has a nice VIP program and supporting these specialty shops is great. Click through dcrainmaker and when u buy you get 10% you can apply to your next purchase.
So the best idea is to get the most expensive item first. For instance the stages LR then the Garmin 1030. Finally, if you use click throughs right now, Jenson gets 6% off for things like this

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