Again from Brad a good list of touring companies that do higher-end bike tours with decent bikes too:
Butterfield & Robinson. Highly recommended by Brad.
Backroads. This seems to be the most common group, seem to have many friends who have taken them with great results. They have decent spec bicycles too with Di2 shifting. The scheme seems to be different difficulties of riding with a sag wagon, a nice lunch and then in the afternoon an optional ride or stay by the pool.
Trek Travel. You can get supported rides across America for example. The fact they include a training program tells you something.
InGamba. This is a specialty group with great bicycles, they use Pinarello Dogma’s apparently, so if you really want to ride great bikes, this is the one.
Marsh-mallows. Mallorca which is cycling Mecca.
Liveablock.Great riding in Spain
Big Island Bike Tours. They do the Big Island and Kauai.

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