Victor’s Books

As part of my campaign to reconnect, been hanging out with victorr. Awesome guy and amazing book recommendations. Haven’t missed for me yet!
Island Books staff picks are here:
Victor’s current recommendations are:
• Educated (
• Need to Know (
• How to Change Your Mind (
• Life Reimagined (
My list of “go to” books includes:
• anything by Mary Roach including:
? Stiff (
? Bonk (
• Truth and Other Lies (
• Shantaram (
• The Collected Short Stories of Roald Dahl (
Here’s the list of the piles of books next to my bed:
• Small Fry (  unreleased
• Lake Success ( unreleasd
• Killers of the Flower Moon (
• Shark Drunk (
• Make Something up: Stories You Can’t Unread (

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