Ski passes

Seems way to early to talk about winter sports, but a  sale on winter ski passes ends Sept 3. See 
If you are going to Park City that is included as are most resorts in Colorado and Whistler as well, it’s called the Epic pass and the discount ends shortly. See but basically a 4 day epic pass is $439 so a pretty big discount. If you are going for more days, there is a $669, this is a local pass which gives you unlimited days but does have a holiday restriction.
As a comparison, the seven day repurchase at park city is $122 and the day of is $162, so a $439 is a $110/day pass so saves a little. The 669 pays back at six days.
At Whistler, things are a little more complex because they have the older EDGE card for BC and Washington residents. This basically gives you a 5-day and 10-day pass that is a 10% discount off of the 7-day prepurchase. It isn’t super, but why not. In most cases with longer stays, the Epic pass is going to make more sense as the full EDGE pass is actually more expensive, although it has discounts for food and so forth.

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