Ok, here are some things I’m always looking for and never seem to find.
First if you have a Merrill Lynch credit card, it is issued by Bank of America and because BoA owns ML, there is integration.
For months, if you try to prepay your balance, no matter how much you look on Bank of America website, you will not find it. Suddenly this week, a Make a Payment button has appeared. I don’t know how I missed it. This is somehow tied directly to the the Merrill Lynch side.
The alternative is to use the ML.com site. If you go to the Merrill Lynch site, looking at the obvious places like Pay Bills also doesn’t yield anything.
The trick is that paying down a Bank of America credit card is viewed as a transfer from one account to another, so you need to go to the Transfer section and you will see all of your Bank of America issued credit cards in the Ml.com section. Mystery solved!

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