Another thank you to Brad for finding great stuff. But if you are riding, then you don’t just want a standard toolkit anymore. With all these carbon components, it is vital that you have torque wrench with you. The best solution to this is to get a Topeak Nano Torqbar DX has three different bits at 4Nm, 5Nm and 6Nm with 4, 5 and 6 mm bits. Pretty useful. The configurations are  little confusing, but you can get it with a single Torq level (4Nm is perfect for my bike) or you can ge a range.
As an aside, these are uncalibrated, so you only want to use these for tightening bolts and not for loosening bolts.
The 5Nm bar is right now on sale today for $30 at REI, but otherwise the normal price is $40 for a single torque level or $80 for all three.
The other tools that Wirecutter mentions are that you need a Torq wrench to fix your disc brakes now. I’ve been using a Park Tool MT-1 for years now and it is super flat and small. Brad also uses the Fixit Sticks as well but this doesn’t have the torque wrench. They do say the 65 gram Specialized EMT Road Pro.

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