Wow it is super complicated to get all the syncing working right. But if you are biking and running here’s a quick guide. First you need a list of sources and sinks (uses) then figure out what sync apps you need.
The net is that using the right apps it is nearly all automatic except for running syncing into Training Peaks…

Data sources

Ok i have a bunch of different kinds of workouts:

  1. Biking. Garmin 1030 to Garmin Connect. These are the bike computers that aggregate using ANT+ as the best data sources. But right now it aggregates. Stages LR, Scorsche HRM and adds it’s own GPS and estimated speed. These automagically go to Garmin Connect.

  2. Steps. Apple Watch . I wear this as the daily activity tracker. This pushes into Apple Health.

  3. Running. Apple Watch. I can use either Apple Health application or the Strava Wacth app to record this. Haven’t quite decide which.

  4. Gym. Strong is the app I used to record workouts. This doesn’t have many partners but does sync with Apple Health. The main issue that you need use your iPhone app and not the Apple Watch app as that doesn’t track cardio.

Uses of Heath Data

  1. Training Peaks for my coach. This is a $90 a year application that lets you plan workouts.

  2. Strava. This is what I use for social purposes and to monitor segment PRs. And maybe someday KOMs!

  3. Apple Health for casually seeing how I do on activity rings. And making sure all workouts end up there.

Synchronization Connections

  1. Cycling automatically. Garmin auto uploads Garmin Connect to Strava and Apple Health. There is a oauth path so that Strava and Apple Health. Training Peaks then oauth to Garmin Connect. So biking appears easily and it is automatic across all three data sinks.

  2. Running using Apple Health automatic to Strava, manually to TrainingPeaks. This is quite a bit trickier. The easy if you have a Garmin watch but trickier with Apple. The main issue is that Apple does not have any automatic sync. So the path of least resistance is to use the Strava watch app. This posts to Apple Health as well, but there is no connection to TrainingPeaks from Strava. And a HealthFit which is an iOS sync app works well for Apple health data but with Strava it doesn’t see gps coordinates.

  3. Apple Health Activity Tracking. With the above the activity tracking sees Everything since Apple Health is used for running and daily activity. And Garmin pushes the cycling.

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