Quirkiness of Apple Public Wifi connection

I’ve always seen lots of issues with this where the iPhone or the iMac doesn’t seem to connect correctly with various public wifi systems at a Starbucks or at an airport for instance. It is really hard to find any documentation on this, but here is what I’ve learned about public wifi sites that have […]

Alaska Airlines Beware!

Ok on my last four Alaska airlines legs, I’ve had three problems. We’ve always liked Alaska and they always seemed like the folks who had to try harder. However there have been changes to their upgrade system for frequent travelers that can definitely leave you stranded. You’ve been warned! Here are recommendations for what to […]

Debugging OBiTalk and the Obi200 and I think it's a disconnected cord

OK what a great deal of confusion today, suddenly our ObiTalk not longer works. The connection to Google Voice has been awesome, but now when I try to dial, I get a fast busy and the outside line hangs up. So off to remember how this all works. It’s a little complicated. First off, Polycom […]

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