There are really too many, many choices right now in fonts. We’ve moved far beyond Helvetica and Times. For a while I was an Arial and Times New Roman fan because they looked like those famous fonts, but didn’t have the licensing problems.
And there was a period where I just loved Garamond and Baskerville for their old feel
Then in my startup in investment days, I couldn’t get enough of:

  1. Calabri designed expressly for Office 2007
  2. Futura. A bold look from the 1930s. It has that Bauhaus look.

Then for a while I was big on the newish fonts. Google Slides has a great collection of templates that reminded me of the whole wide world that are now Google Fonts. Here are some new favorites that I haven’t used much, but here are some popular ones:

  1. Lato. This is a new font that is super popular. Modern looking.
  2. Franklin Gothic. An old font, but looks great, designed starting in 1902
  3. Roboto. This is what Android uses as its default font. Like Open Sans, it has a fresh modern look.
  4. Merriweather. A new font by Eben Sorkin.

Then some unusual ones

  1. IM Fell. These are really beautiful fonts from the 17th century Oxford. They make a document look chiseled. A specialty font, but kind of cool to use them in their original sizes. These fonts were originally hand cut type, so truly old school.
  2. IBM Plex. This actually won the Typography Design Competition last year. They got IBM out of millions of dollars of royalties.
  3. Nordvest. Wow really different looking, has a really different feel to it. For friendly documents 🙂
  4. Bitter. This is a font designed just for computers.


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