OK what a great deal of confusion today, suddenly our ObiTalk not longer works. The connection to Google Voice has been awesome, but now when I try to dial, I get a fast busy and the outside line hangs up.
So off to remember how this all works. It’s a little complicated. First off, Polycom has purchased Obihai, so the URLs are a mess, if you try https://obihai.com, you end up on the Polycom site and no portal.
What you have to know is that the port is in a completely different place called https://obitalk.com and there doesn’t seem to be a way between these two sites.
Second is how to diagnose what is going on, basically, when I went up there, I forgot what OBiTALK account I was using to was wrong and it talked about having an old device there. The problem is that the original Obihai 100 broke with the current release of Google Voice. I had forgotten which account was tied to what.
When I finally found the account, I can see that Service Provider 1 is definitely Google Voice.
Next, looking at the Obi200 box itself, the LED sequence is power goes to red, then goes to solid green if all is OK, it also has a network light and a telephone light, all of these solid green mean good to go. So more confusion.
Finally, I tried going to the web interface. This is one of those scary devices with a terrible default password and no SSL encryption on the interface. Pretty crazy stuff. I didn’t dare change the password because I didn’t want to learn to reset the device.
The actually management interface is pretty arcane, but you eventually get to Call History and low and behold, I can see my calls as they happen. You can also look at the call status and it says it sees both he internet and it is feeding 48V to the analog phone.
Conclusion is I think the cord between my analog phone system and the Obihai are bad or somehow got disconnected. Next step is to try to find an analog phone and plug it directly in t

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