Hiking socks

Well it’s time of year. Also know as the REI 4th of July sale for the get ready for the heart of summer sales.

If you are in the market, there are quite a few consumable to get. As usual Outdoor Gearlabs is a great source.

For true hiking socks, the Darn Tough Hiker Full Cushion costs well a fortune at $24 a pair but they are real merino wool and durable. Not great for those hot dates.

So get the Darn Tough Light Hiker Micro Crew which is now $15 or 25% off at REI.

For really hot days, you want something lighter.

But most fast hikers are just using running socks and either day hikers or trail runners. If you are not carrying 50 pounds on your back, they are very practical. With today’s light hiking gear, loads of even 20 pounds are a lot so a lighter sock and shoe are appropriate.

So Outdoor Gearlabs also has a good review of running socks. We’ve been using the Wrightsock Coolmesh II for a long time, but they like the Thorlo Experia XCCU which is just $10 at REI on sale now. So something to think about.

I’ve also heard the Swiftwick Aspire Zero is great for bicycling socks as well. It’s a top pick for running and works well in the hottest conditions for those tough summer days.

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