Ok, so I’ve had a UPS on my main computer and also for the network box and the burglar alarm. We also have a smaller backup battery set for the alarm itself. But as with all things, they do seem to give out.

It really does want make me want to just get a PowerWall and be done with all these smaller batteries. But if you have the same problem, here are some notes:

  1. APC-1500. These are decently big and after a bunch of years (maybe 8?), I’m getting a low battery alert. Given they are barely used, that’s a bit sad, but kind of what you would expect with lead acid. On Amazon, there are lots of cheaper ones for $110 each, but the genuine ones get better reviews. It’s surprisingly difficult to get one that is just from Amazon and not an off-brand sold as new, so go to the RBC-7 Battery on Amazon and make sure you get one that is shipped and sold there.
  2. 10Ah 12V F-2 Batteries. These are the mini batteries that are used for burglar alarms. Again, there are million off brands with terrible reputations. You pretty much have to use Fakespot to figure out what is what. I order two for $50 and we will see. I actually made a mistake here and should have gotten the smaller 72Ah 12V F-1 terminal batteries, so we will see if I force the connectors to fit. Or if I need to spend a ridiculous but necessary $4 to get a F2 to F1 adapter.

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