Why get aerodynamic parts for a Tesla Model 3?

Super interesting research. It shows amongst other things:

  1. The stock spoiler that comes with the Performance Model 3 improves efficiency by 2%. That’s a tiny piece of carbon fiber with big results. It also increases downforce so the car sticks better.

  2. If you get the Unplugged performance part, it is slightly longer and improves efficiency by 4% which is huge. It also mentions that above 30mph, aerodynamics dominate, so that is pretty much what you should see most of the time.

  3. On a separate thread, the folks at the Tesla Owners Online Podcast have duplicated the aerodynamic efficiency of the wheels of the Aero 18″, there is a new wheel call Fast EV01 that is 4% more efficient. The trick is shrouding of the spokes. The Model 3 Aero are to say the least polarizing in terms of looks, but these wheels look good. Great for a Performance Model 3.

With the changes above, you can have your performance, you fat brakes and still be efficient.

How Unplugged Performance uses sophisticated aerodynamics research to design and validate new Tesla Model 3 Products.
— Read on unpluggedperformance.com/aero-validation/

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