Kitchen and Living Room for a new Apartment Part Deux

OK, so you need more stuff, here are places to get it:

  1. They have a great selection (in many ways better than Amazon) of furniture. Also their furniture doesn’t seem to be as spammed by fake reviews. Also if you become a business account, you get some additional discounts. You can actually set up a “business” and then have different members subscribe. That makes a big difference because if you get to $3K/year, you unlock a bunch of discounts.
  2. Base Cookware. Cook’s Illustrated is a great source of revenues for individual pieces. One of the things you quickly learn is that just getting the All-Clad D3 10-piece set is going to be much cheaper than all the individual frying pans and things they recommend. That lists for $700 on, but you can oftentimes get better deals at Macy’s. For instance today only, you get an additional 20% for Labor Day. And if you download their mobile application and order from there they will give you 25% off. That’s huge.
  3. There are a bunch of other pieces to get as well. For instance, they recommend the OXO Teflon coated pans. These do wear out, but at $30, that’s probably OK. If you care about not being poisoned, then seasoning a Matfer carbon steel pan makes more sense. Also not too expensive at $60. Get the 8″ for omelets and the 12″ for more general stuff. And if you can afford it the $300 LaCreuset Dutch Oven and the $200 Fisler Pressure Cooker are really nice additions, but maybe not for the brand new apartment.
  4. Finally for bowls and plates, Ikea is a great resource. They ship for $10 which is nice. Or if you get out there Bed, Bath and Beyond is good too.

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