Traditional Coated 193 – 399nm Bandpass Interference Filters

Sam just asked me, if I have a robot sensing system that is looking for a laser reflection.

It is the perfect system for detecting Terminators or Robocops 🙂

You can do it in software, but it might be easier just to buy a optical filter that just passes 400nm green laser light.

Well ask and you shall receive. Turns out the magic google-fu is to search for “bandpass” as opposed to low pass or high pass filter. How did I know this. I’ve no idea. The human brain is cool sometime.

The good ones can be expensive such as from Midopt filter.

But optical specialists have many more choices as shown below.

Traditional Coated 193 – 399nm Bandpass Interference Filters transmits wavelengths in 193 – 399nm while blocking others and are available at Edmund Optics.
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