Tv recommendations 2019

Yes just need to redo. Short story is the lg OLED are the highest quality with amazing color contrast.

First is 8k

As with 4K, content lags and u need hdmi 2.1 to see anything from a PC. So good to wait.

8K Really going to be great for “flush” displays that are super close. That is a be 4 feet away from a 60 inch display. It is super immersive. Gamers will love it.

As an example you should be six feet away from a 100 inch diagonal.

Why? That’s 87 inch width from 72 inches away so that makes the display cover 80 degrees. See and

Field of view matters

Humans can see about 120 degrees binocularly. But our central vision where we can read things is 60 degrees.

To give you a sense a standard movie theater is 54 degrees. IMAX is 70. So 8k will be more than imax. Cool! Most standard TVs by the way are 30 degrees field of view. And some find too wide disorienting.

In gaming getting to 100 degrees is considered great because you are close to virtual reality looking forward. without the glasses.

So basically waiting makes sense as first applications will be gaming and there is no 8k movie content yet.

Now for 4K,

Yes we are in golden age. Get one that has HDR wide gamut color and can pop the blacks. See for a lust that goes high quality to low. I tend to buy higher quality because I keep my screens for 10 years 🙂

Second get one that is a big as possible. If you don’t resolution don’t matter because your eyes won’t resolve it.

So some sample distances. This says get a 60 inch tv if you are going to be 4-8 feet away. Eg put the tv way closer than “normal”

It’s also why I buy a 42 inch for computer monitor and have it 2.5 feet away. It’s awesome iMax plus. Here’s a good chart look at the distance on the left. Then go to the right to see the size you need. There are times when a el cheapo HD works because it is so far away

Distance vs TV size

Now on to brands.

  1. Sony X950GLG C8. Its expensive but worth it. It’s OLED which can display complete black. Only issue is burn in. So have a screen saver active if u use as a monitor This is last years model but just as good. If can’t find it get the 2019 C9. About $1700
  2. Saving money get the Vizio P Quantum. Only comes in 65” though.
  3. Sony X950G. Lower viewing angle but no burn in issue and it is precalibrated to complete color accuracy if you are a nerd and care about that 🙂 about $1500.

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