Of iPhone Cases and Wallets

Well with the new iPhone 11 coming out, it’s time once again to talk about cases and things. I don’t know if we will get them (as we love our iPhone X’s quite a bit), but one thing to think about is getting protection for these lovely $1K marvels.

Here is what has stood the test of time for us:

  1. Maxboost Screen Protector. I tried to leave the cover off my screen and got a scratch in less than month. These glass protectors are great. You do need to replace them quite a bit. Usually once every quarter for us, but at $6 for three of them that’s really no big deal. Beware, there are many fake reviews on Amazon for these things so make sure to use fakespot.com to figure out what products are legit.
  2. Torres Thin Case. If you are gentle with your phone, this case is literally as light as a feature. It does get damaged easily though and if you are like me full of dropsies, then you probably want a case with a rubber bumper all round. Still this one is nearly invisible. Personally I like the clear case better as it shows off that gorgeous Piano Black finish 🙂
  3. Sinjimoru Card Holder. This is a sticky sleeve that lets you put a few cards on the back of any case

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