Using the Apple Credit Card tips and tricks

First of all as a free credit card, if you can control your spending then it makes sense to get the free ones. It increases your credit longevity in the long run and it will lower your credit utilization.

The card is easy to get. Just apply in the Apple Wallet application.

If you get it, then the value is getting the 3% rebate. They actually deliver it as raw dollars on the Apple Cash application. From there you can transfer it to your bank account.

So the question is what qualifies for rebates and there’s a growing list:

  1. 3% Apple purchases that go directly to them.
  2. 3% back on Apple Pay to Duane Reade and Walgreens
  3. 3% back on Uber and Ubereats
  4. The other benefit is 2% cash back on all other Apple Pay purchases. This is not going to be really worth it if you have a better card.

Net, net these are the most amazing rebates so most of the time it stays in the “virtual” wallet.

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