Switching to Disqus and Tags in prep for WordPress to Ghost migration


Well about to experiment with using Ghost as a blogging platform so it's a good time to do some basics with tongfamily.com:

  1. Installing Disqus. After you create a login on Disqus, look at the at the tutorial, but basically you install the Disqus Plugin. I actually used a third party tool called Disqus Lazy Load. Then you connet it together.
  2. Next, you want to copy the comments from WordPress to Disqus by going to the Disqus settings and then hit Import Comments
  3. Once this is done enable auto sync in the line above, now all Disqus comments will be copied back to WordPress for backwards compatibility and backup.

The nice thing is that Disqus makes it easier to migrate to Ghost

  1. Switch from Categories to Tags. Categories are a relatively old idea in WordPress. It is a hierarchy of names so that you can have Computers/PC/Software for instance but in reality tags and full text search work way better. Fortunately, the Ghost migration explains how you can use Tools/Convert Category to Tags to make this happen
  2. Once this is done, add the plugin called Ghost and add it. You can then run export to Ghost at least for me, the zip export didn't work mainly because of the 60 second limit on execution. I used JSON instead.
  3. Finally, in your Ghost site, you go to https://newsite.com/ghost and then pick on Labs and then Import.

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