iMovie Theater migration to iCloud Photos

I never really understood where iMovie Theater was coming from. Once you make an iMovie, then it went into a separate video sharing system called Theater. Well, that has all gone away now and you are now supposed to put the movies into iCloud Photos.

And yes, I know that is not entirely logical to put videos into a Photo sharing system, but it’s definitely more mainstream.

Here are the tips and tricks because it’s a very manual process

  1. Start up iMovie and then go to View Theater.
  2. Click on a specific video and in the upper right corner in the title bar. (Yes I know this seems pretty non-standard) and choose File and then the highest resolution available and save it. This dumps the video into the file system. You can also right click on the video and there is a Copy File option.
  3. Go to Photos and choose import and then get the video in. Now the main problem will be the time of the video is wrong and location won’t be set.
  4. The solution for date and time is to click on the video and choosej Adjust Time and Date
  5. However, the location isn’t highlight, but if you do a right click you can enter the location manually there.

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