Corona Virus: A Nerd’s Reading List


OK, lots of opinions will vary about the ultimate effects and so forth, but here’s a collection of various people’s opinions about the extent of it.

Some are pretty technical, but for a nerd like me understand the mathematics of epidemiology is pretty interesting, so without comment. These are not scientific papers, but analysis of them, so YMMV.

Also as an aside, the virus is called SARS-CO-19 and from it you get a disease called COVID-19. Is that confusing or what 🙂

  1. Tomas Pueyo. Coronavirus: Act Today. This is a good analysis of past events and projections forward. The most important ideas are that confirmed cases are going to lag actual cases because testing is way behind. And that this is a virus that doubles very quickly, so you see very small numbers at the beginning and then massive ramps later.
  2. Scott Lebrand. A great introduction to the concept of micromorts (probability of dying in millionths) and what your actions do each day and how you can contribute to slowing a disease.
  3. Response to COVID-19 in Taiwan. A list of what they are doing there and how they have learned from SARS from years before.
  4. COVID-19 live tracker. This is only as good as the testing, but it shows at least a single place where all the known cases are.

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