Right ratios of Rectangles


When you are building a presentation, how should you lay things out and what are the right ratios. The main thing to realize is that if your slide is 16:9, then it makes some sense to have rectangles that are longer than they are tall.

  1. The Golden Ratio. This is buried deep in the mathematical world, but the short answer is that if you have a chance to make your flow chart boxes with a ratio of 1:1.618. The answer is pretty technical, but this ratio occurs in nature quite a bit.
  2. 16:9. This is the high definition screen ratio which comes out to 1:177, so it makes a longer rectangle.
  3. The leaner rectangle 5:2. This makes a pretty short squat rectangle, so what are some other common ratios, so that is 1:2.5 and is really long.
  4. Finally, if it really long, then there are not that many common ones, but like 1:2.66 or even 1:3

Then there are ones that are much more squat:

  1. 4:3. This is common in the photography world so it is 1.3333
  2. 1:1 is, of course, a complete square

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