What Mac to Buy Now and Printer too

What Mac to Buy Now and Printer too

Well we are in the middle of an upgrade cycle now, so if you want a MacBook, here's what to do:

  1. First, look at the Mac Rumors site to see what the current. As of March 2020, they seem to show that a MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro 16" are the best.
  2. Or look at MacBook Air if you don't have lots of deep computing needs, getting 16GB and a 1TB of storage should be enough.
  3. The really nice power machine is the Macbook Pro 16" for power users. It's a bigger screen for development mainly.

You can also check discounts at:

  1. First look for educational discounts if you have a student at home.
  2. Check the Apple Insider pricing for the new MacBook Air 2 Core but the list price is $1,600 for a 16GB and 1TB machine. It's $2K for the 2TB which should be way overkill for most people. You can even get a 4 Core, so the best-balanced machine would be 4 cores, 16GB and 1TB for $1,700.

If you need a printer, the best ones to get are the LED or laser printers because they are going to last longer and the consumables costs are very reasonable compared with an inkjet. Also inkjets tend to dry out, so this is good if you are not using it too often. If you need color for school, then the color one works well. The Wirecutter folks also like the HP but I oftentimes find their reviews are not as high quality.

  1. Brother HL-L3270CDW. This is perfect for the small or home office. We have the black and white version but color is always nice.
  2. Brother HL-L2350DL. This is black and white only so has really low consumables costs. We've only had to do one ink refill in 10 years! But we don't print much.

If you are thinking of getting a printer, it's sometimes nice to have a scanner too. Actually we have a so called multi-function printer (MFP), but we don't use the scanning that much. Or the copy function either since almost everything is electronic:

  1. Brother MFC-L2750DW. This is actualy the one that we have, it is black and white only and is $100 at Amazon.
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