At home workout training tools

Well my indoor bike trainer is on the way but what are the tools for exercising if you are at home and don’t have a beautiful home gym?

  1. Well first of all a lot of people are going outside. Just be aware of three things. This virus does live on metal and even cardboard. And a sneeze can carry 10 feet. So think of that as a dirty environment. Wear a mask, wear gloves and wear eye protection. When u return was your hands hopefully outside the “clean zone” of your house. Then remove the mask and everything from the clean side. Hang it in a dirty zone and then swap to clean clothes. It sounds crazy cautious but it works :-)
  2. If you really want to be safe exercise at home. I use Strong in the Apple Watch. There are a zillion workouts that just use body weight. I just do supersets of three reps and two exercises. So pair a push-up day with a sit-up set.
  3. With Strong use HealthFit to sync it to Strava for kudos and Training Peaks to keep up your TSS. You do have to manually copy the Strong actual workout to Strava but it transfers the heart rate days which is great.
  4. For aerobic fitness, if you have outside stairs or a slope at your house use them. Turn on the Workouts on the watch and set it to Outdoor Hike. This will capture elevation, distance and heart rate. It’s not perfect in a small distance but pretty good. You can do a mile and 500 feet vertical in 30 minutes.
  5. For more of a workout get a backpack and heavy shoes and you can start working out hard.
  6. Get some exercise bands and they will help for isometrics

Finally, if you are going to spend some money a good bike trainer.

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