More Drinks for Work from Home


I must be getting a little crazy. I'm keep thinking about the cocktail that I'll have this afternoon. Wow that's great:

  1. Empress 1908. This is a cool gin that changes color when it hits tonic. Pretty neat. Made in Victoria Canada inspired by the Empress Hotel. Pretty cool. $37 from Drizly.
  2. Patron Anejo Tequila. This is a classic mainly because of various hip hop artists. For those of you who don't know there are five different types of Tequila. The cheapest is "silver" or blanco which has no aging, joven is less well known and is for cheaper mixed drinks,. Then there are fancy ones like Reposado which is aged 2-12 months, Anejo means old in Spanish and is 1-3 years aged. Finally, in 2006, they created an extra anejo since 2006 which is more than three years. It is 3/5 at $75 at Drizly, so expensive because of the name.

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