Monitor advice for photography

Well, I’m no expert on this, I have many expert friends:

1. If you want the very highest quality, then NEC really makes the best monitors. So there are specific monitors like the BenQ PhotoVue. Because they are much more managed in terms of colors so $1K to $5k are not crazy.

2. If you are a Mac person, then the Pro Display XDR is really the dream at $5K it’s way expensive, but incredible reviews

3. Personally, I’ve liked not paying that much for monitors, so although not the best, so I’ve mainly used the high quality TV monitors because with the new HDR requirements, these monitors are not bad and they now have color correction in the high end. As an example does really great reviews. The highest quality high tnow are the LG C9 OLED. They are relatively cheaper because they are higher volume and decent for casual photography.

4. Color correction. You probably if you are serious want to invest in a color calibration thingy. I have one (in normal times I’d just drop off to you and explain how to use), but it’s a little eye which tells the computer how to change it’s output so that the color is right. This is actually pretty much irrelevant for Apple products like the iPad and the Mac displays because they actually have a color sensor in the screens now that automatically does color compensation (call a color display).

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