Docusign Billing Strangeness You need to Call them

For such a cool and modern company, you can sure run into some strange troubles. For instance, we just started a new account and tied it to a Paypal account (and even got a nice first year discount thanks to Silicon Valley Bank), but then the troubles began.

The bill happened, but for some reason, Paypal didn’t try to debit through to the checking account. It looks like Paypal wants you to deposit money directly there so that you can do billing there. Of course, Paypal then says, “Oh No Something Went Wrong”.

Things worked fine, but then in logging in I got the dreaded the “Account Suspended” and asks you to change the billing method. No go.

So that’s a dead path. So going back and trying to get a Credit Card to work and more strangeness, you can’t with DocuSign hit “Pay Now”, instead, you have to wait 24 hours for it to attempt billing.

And it turns out that there is no chat available except a bot who was really unhelpful. You can file a Case, but that takes a long time, so this is a company where your only choice is to call the 800 number.

Net, net

  1. Try to get your billing right the first time with them.
  2. If you have a problem, just changing the billing doesn’t help. You have to wait 24 hours and they will try to rebill.
  3. The only support option that works right away is to call them.

Man and this is 2020 🙂

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