Review of WordPress Themes for Business


OK, we finished the review of some themes for a personal blog with scrolling content. That is quite different than something that is meant to be a front facing page for a small business or a new product. There are lots of themes that try to do this basic layout and most are paid themes, but here's a review of themes that are designed for the classic business use.

That is you should have a responsive front page that covers your mission, your product and then optionally some endorsement and testimonials. Ideally you include some dynamic content too like recent articles. This keeps your front page fresh and also helps with page rank.

There are quite a few premium themes, but if you are starting out here are some recommendations:

  1. Builtin. With the new WordPress layout engine, it is much easier to create multi-column and other layouts. You can also try some of the default templates, but you are pretty much inventing your own forms.
  2. Astra. This is a freemium offering, but the best thing is that they have some pre down layouts, so that is great. It also works pretty well for basic editing. It also adds a Pixabay add-on for royalty-free photos that look great.
  3. Colibri. I've had way more trouble with this freemium offering. It seems awesome, but I keep getting edit error. It is more of builder like Elementor which is perhaps some of the free ones don't work well.

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