iPhone Garmin Connect Loses Sync with 520 Plus

Ok, getting the Garmin 520 Plus to work with an Iphone was a chore. But if, the iPhone deletes the Garmin Connect automatically then you lose the connection and have to start all over.

I worked on this before thanks to Brad, but the procedure actually worked. To review, if the Garmin Connect fails then the process is:

  1. Delete as many Bluetooth pairings as you can from the phone. including the Garmin related one.
  2. Put the phone into airplane mode and reboot.
  3. Delete the pairing in the Garmin Settings/Phone and then reboot.
  4. Now start the pairing and pray that you get in the Garmin Connect application the Garmin device.

Hopefully this will work and then you have to manually sync things. Unlike the Garmin 1030, it doesn’t have Wifi, so you need to tether to your phone and then have it sync.

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