Using Asana (and Trello) with Chrome and Scrum to manage life in the time of COVID-19

If you are spending a lot of you day at home, then staying organized is not easy, here are some simple tips:

  1. On your Mac, turn on Announce Time. Then set it for every half an hour. That corresponds nicely to the Story Points that you use for a Scrum.
  2. If you are using Asana, then you want to do it inside Chrome and load up the extensions. I personally found Story Point for Asana to be the most useful. If you just add some simple syntax, you can track by adding a number in parentheses, how much time you think it will take. for instance 30 minutes would be (0.5) hours. And then when you have used time, then you add the time actually used in brackets like [1] which means you actually used an hour.
  3. I also use Trello as well in which case the add-on you want is called Scrum for Trello and it does the same thing.

I’ve used Trello for a long time, but as Atlassian consumes it, I’ve been looking for alternatives. Monday is all paid, but Asana is free and reasonable. I do like the way it does both Kanban cards and lists. I’m a Kanban card person, so that works great.

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