IPad Pro 2020 and Magic Keyboard for iPad

IPad Pro 2020 and Magic Keyboard for iPad

Well, in a break from COVID-19 news, I’m using an iPad Pro 2018 with Folio Cover and I must say it works pretty well. You can’t quite use it as a Mac replacement mainly because the applications aren’t quite there.

Some of the things that don’t work are writing software on it as there are no compilers and you can’t run a terminal program.

But things are getting better with new accessories and the new iPad 2020:

  1. Mouse support. While the touchpad is good, you can now hook up your mouse up to it so that’s great.
  2. Magic Keyboard for iPad. This fixes a bunch of issues with the current Folio. The biggest is that it has a backlit keyboard. It has a new keyboard switch, although truthfully, I don’t mind the current one.
  3. It also has a swivel that let’s you mount it higher so it acts more like a laptop.

Then the iPad 2020 itself has a few new features mainly a wide angle camera as well as a LIDAR sensor and a little bit more speed. Personally, I don’t think that this makes that much of a difference but the accessories really get this closer to a desktop replacement.

It is certainly fast enough, you just need the applications.

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