Customizing Astra Sierra Industry Template


If you have finished importing this, then time to do the conversion to your site, here are the details:

  1. Change the logo, this is a little trickier than you think.
  2. The easiest thing to do is to use Noun Project to get a nice graphic and then add your company name to it.
  3. You can use Preview or Google Slides or anything to do it.
  4. Then you will need a PNG version with Alpha color removed. This let's you put your logo onto any background. Doing this isn't super obvious. Open the graphic in Preview, then click on the Markup Toolbar and then look for the icon that is called Quick Alpha select. Then you drag over the color and it finds the region. Click delete.
  5. Keep doing this until you have a transparent image.
  6. You also want a negative and a positive, so pick a color that works against a light background, that's the positive, then one that works against black. That's the negative.
  7. Upload both and then in WordPress go to Appearance >> Customize >> Header >> Site Identity and replace that image with the negative if you have mainly a dark website which is pretty typical.

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