Using Vuescan with the Minolta DiIMAGE Scan Elite 5400


It's hard to believe a 10 year old peripheral still works, but Vuescan is still functioning and I'm scanning 35mm slides again after a long hiatus.

Just a few things to remember:

  1. When you create file names, you should try to remember the date of photo and where it is. That is way more useful than the scan date.
  2. You do want to try to remember the type of film. This is normally on the negative (again more meta data is better). So a good output string looks like estimated date yyyy-mm-dd - photo_type - people - location - comment - scanned @
  3. And then in the file name, if you slam an ampersand, then it will automatically add the date and slide number.
  4. Try to scan at a high resolution. I like 2700 dpi at least, this is archival after all. I normally scan with multiexposure and at least 2 scans to get decent quality.

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