Life suckers: Run don’t walk to calling Comcast Downgrade

Ok Comcast is constantly lowering prices but they don’t tell their current customers. There is the reverse of price protection. Old customers pay more. So call a special number 1 (800) 934-6489 and not the main Comcast one and select ‘down grade service’

This will get you to some reasonable. If you ask for it you will get their lowest prices which are $50 per month for 25Mbps at least out here and $55 for 100Mbps

As an example two years ago the price was $75 for 75Mbps so you save nearly 20% and get 25% more bandwidth.

Also with internet only you won’t get charged the $15/month “broadcast” fee and another $5 of BS fees related to television. All their tv numbers are automagically inflated by that. So make sure to ask specifically for the “total prices including all fees.

Finally, set a tickler to calm every year as they are constantly doing this or call Wave or someone else. Send them a signal!

Net, net it took hours but the result is our bill is down nearly 40% and speeds are up 30%. Of course they still have this 1TB cap and charge $10/month above it. So no way around that for now although the rumor it is suspended during Covid-19

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