Great but not expensive Scotch

Well, I guess you can always buy a really expensive Scotch in the hundreds of dollars and of course there are of course less expensive. But if you want a good bottle as a gift, there isn’t a lot of help. Scotch Noob I think is a good intermediate site for this. He has a personal opinion of course, but he picks nice bottles that don’t set you back a zillion dollars.

And in time of COVID, it’s nice to have something you can give to someone. These choices are available on Drizly at least around here, so good to check out.

So some good choices are:

  1. Talisker (10 Year). Relatively expensive but seems to have a nice review here.
  2. Ardberg (10 Year). Same with this one.
  3. Uncle Nearest 1856. This is a black-owned business so good to try.

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